What does the future hold? [Transport]

John Murray shared an interesting article this morning Aggressive drivers are going to bully self-driving cars https://t.co/PQelE0nvAV via @sai — John Murray (@MurrayData) October 23, 2016 The gist of the article is that – whilst autonomous vehicles can be instructed to take obey laws, follow rules, and react to environmental conditions etc – humans could  exploit that ‘weakness’…… Continue reading What does the future hold? [Transport]

Thoughts about Talk About Local #TAL16

Last Saturday I left the house in the dark, and caught the first available bus. It had to be something good to get me out of bed that early in the morning at a weekend. It was… Guess where I am today? #TAL16 pic.twitter.com/EZjVgB2DNh — Huw Marshall (@Marshallmedia) October 15, 2016 #TAL16 – the hyperlocal unconference. If you’ve not…… Continue reading Thoughts about Talk About Local #TAL16

Hampshire Hub taking shape

We’ve been working hard for the last few months to get the new Hampshire Hub data platform into shape. There are three main strands of work at present: adding new features to Swirrl’s PublishMyData platform preparing an initial collection of linked data datasets building the Area Profiles application Facelift and overhaul PublishMyData is getting both…… Continue reading Hampshire Hub taking shape

Ghost writing, hubs, and autoawesome

I’ve been blogging off-and-on for a few years. My first post, in December 2011, was on WordPress.com. I then briefly tried Tumblr, before settling on this self-hosted WordPress site. It gave me the flexibility I wanted, and tied in quite nicely with projects like BlueLightCamp which also uses WordPress for its web site. The Day job…… Continue reading Ghost writing, hubs, and autoawesome

Futurology at UKGC14?

UKGC14 I’m writing this just a few days before UKGovCamp 2014, which is on Saturday 25th January 2014. If you’re going and haven’t already read UKGovcamp14: be prepared, do take a look, as it’s the practical info for attendees (including ARRIVE EARLY…BRING COFFEE). Futurology I’ve used ‘Futurology’ in the title of this post, which Finlo Rohrer summarised rather well in his 2010 BBC…… Continue reading Futurology at UKGC14?

UKGovCamp – Looking Forward not Back

Hurray! It’s nearly time for UKGovCamp – the awesome unconference where people from across UK public services give up a day of their own time to share, challenge, innovate, network, and socialise. #UKGC14 This year’s event is on Saturday 25th January, at City Hall, in Southbank, London. It’s organised by: Jane O’Loughlin, Alex Blandford, Sarah Baskerville, Nick…… Continue reading UKGovCamp – Looking Forward not Back

Images of Historic Hampshire – thanks to the British Library

Stony Cross New Forest

I’ve just discovered* that the British Library has uploaded over a million images to Flickr Commons. Yes, that’s right – more than a million – completely free to use as there’s no known copyright. The British Library plans to launch a crowd-sourcing app in 2014, which will enable members of the public to help describe what the…… Continue reading Images of Historic Hampshire – thanks to the British Library

Knowledge Hub: Good CoP or Bad CoP?

The LGA's Knowledge Hub. Closing Down?

Knowledge Hub This is a hastily written post about Knowledge Hub (KH), which replaced the popular Communities of Practice (CoP) site for people who work in and around UK local government. According to the Local Government Association (LGA), Knowledge Hub is a: professional social network which helps people in local government connect and share online in…… Continue reading Knowledge Hub: Good CoP or Bad CoP?


This isn’t a ‘how-to’ blog post at all. I just wanted to use the title. UKGovCamp13: A Fab event Steph and Dave did their usual marvellous job, making UKGovCamp appear effortless, with it passing off without a hitch (well, second time round). Lloyd Davis kept everyone in order and provided entertainment; ‘Fingers’ Cattell typed like…… Continue reading HOW TO GET AHEAD IN GOVCAMPING

Blue Light Camp: Coming in from the cold

It’s been a bit quiet on the BlueLightCamp blog recently. Apart from Sasha’s post last week, nothing since November. But that doesn’t mean no activity – on the contrary. Hartley Wintney fire brigade members on board their fire engine in around 1935. Source: calm.hants.gov.uk via Mark on Pinterest Wheels are turning Axles are being greased,…… Continue reading Blue Light Camp: Coming in from the cold