This is the personal blog of Mark Braggins, and includes a bunch of stuff from past lives including local government, open data publication, event management, and public policy think tanking.

Back in my local government days, I founded the Hampshire Hub data store on behalf of 20+ organisations in-and-around Hampshire. Sadly, that was switched off a couple of years after I left as part of cost-cutting measures in local government.

In 2019 I joined Drawnalism as an Associate, and later took on Business Development and Research (working part-time). Drawnalism are experts in drawing knowledge and are often found drawing ‘live’ at events On the Air. Drawnalism produce marvellous illustrations and animated videos At the Studio.

I founded Open Data Camp and used to co-organise BlueLightCamp (the occasional unconference for emergency services).

I’m interested in lots of things, in no particular order: society, politics, local public services, open data, technology (and what you can do with it), wildlife, photography (mostly photos of wildlife), the countryside, and long distance walking.

Happy memory - me on the Milford Track
Happy memory – Winter on the Milford Track in New Zealand

All views are my own, unless they’ve been borrowed from others. I always intend to give credit where it’s due. Please let me know of you think I should have tipped my hat to you or someone else. You can also find me on the following networks and blogs: