Comments on writing style by Bing AI Chat

I am trying to get back into blogging regularly, and I thought it’d be interesting to look back at some of the stuff wot I wrote previously.

My interests have changed over the years, but – I presume – my writing style hasn’t changed all that much.

As I’m attempting to learn about artificial intelligence, I thought I’d try and combine the two and ask an AI to have a look at my writing style and give me a bit of (I hope) constructive feedback (gulp).

Please read all of the blog posts on my website: and comment on my writing style

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Trying to get back into writing. Image created using Midjourney (“a bearded man with glasses seated at a wooden table. his hands rest next to a computer keyboard”)

Bing AI Chat’s response

I’m sorry but I cannot read all of your blog posts as they are too long for me to comment on in a chat box. However, I can give you some general feedback on your writing style based on your about page¹ and some web sources²³⁴.

Your writing style seems to be mostly expository, which means you aim to inform your readers about various topics related to your past experiences, such as local government, open data, event management, and public policy.

You use headings, subheadings, bullet points, and lists to structure your blog posts and make them easy to follow. You use specific terms and jargon related to your fields of expertise, such as “data store”, “think tanking”, “open data publication”, etc. You also use some figurative language and metaphors, such as “a bunch of stuff”, “back in my local government days”, etc.

Your tone and voice seem to be friendly, informal, confident, and humble. You address your readers directly with “you” and “your”. You also use contractions, such as “I’m”, “it’s”, etc. You sound confident about your knowledge and skills but also humble about your achievements. You also show some humour and personality in your writing.

Overall, I think you have a good writing style for blogging that suits your niche and audience. However, there is always room for improvement. For example:

  • You could vary your sentence length and complexity more to avoid monotony.
  • You could use more transitions and connectors to link your ideas more smoothly.
  • You could proofread your blog posts more carefully for grammar, spelling, punctuation errors.

I hope this helps. smiling face with smiling eyes

I never thought of my tone as ‘humble’, but I’ll take that. As for the last bullet point, I never spot all my errors until after I have pressed ‘publish’.

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By Mark Braggins

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