Artificial Intelligence (AI) ‘in the wild’

It has been ages since I have written anything on my personal blog.

As I recently started to learn about, and experiment with, artificial intelligence, and I thought I may as well make a few notes as I go along.

In this post, I learn (again) the importance of asking a question in the right way.

My question to Bing AI Chat

Please list some of the most famous or popular examples of artificial intelligence currently being used ‘in the wild’

An Oak Tree, standing in a wildflower meadow. Image created using Midjourney

Now, I know what I meant when I used the term ‘in the wild’ – I was thinking of technology when it moves beyond a development environment and gets used by actual, real, people – but that’s not what I wrote.

Here’s the response I got back from Bing:

You’re welcome. Here are some of the most famous or popular examples of artificial intelligence currently being used ‘in the wild’:

  • ChatGPT: A natural language generation model that can interact in a conversational way and produce coherent and engaging texts on various topics¹.
  • Connected Conservation Initiative: A virtual fence system that uses thermal cameras and AI to detect and stop poachers in Zambia’s Kafue national park².
  • AI in the Wild: A book by Peter Dauvergne that explores how AI is affecting sustainability and environmental justice around the world³.
  • Bird-ID: An AI model that can identify individual birds without tagging by analyzing their plumage patterns⁴.
  • Wildbook: An AI platform that uses computer vision and citizen science to track and study wildlife populations such as whales, zebras, giraffes, and more⁵.

These are just some of the examples of how AI is being used for various purposes ‘in the wild’. There are many more applications of AI that are transforming our lives every day.

Apart from ChatGPT, I had no idea about any of these examples, which are fascinating, so sometimes it pays to ask a question in the wrong way as well!

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By Mark Braggins

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