Demonstrating the value of open data – GP Pressure Map

Screenshot 2015-04-08 12.46.43I was really pleased to see GP Pressure Map featured on the BBC’s South Today programme on 31st March.

GP Pressure Map – part of the Open City Data Platform – was one of the “highs” I mentioned in my final post on the Hampshire Hub: Leaving on a high.

The utility, created by Leo Valberg and Nick Allott of Nquiringminds uses open data from a variety of sources – including the Hampshire Hub – to show which areas in Hampshire will see increases in demand for GP services between now and 2020.

Leo wrote about it in detail in his blog post Back story: the data journey in the production of the GP pressure map. This is just one example of the sort of functionality which will be delivered as part of the Open City Data Platform which Nquiringminds is leading.

Variations appeared on BBC TV, and also as an item on BBC Radio (which mentions Hampshire Hub):

BBC Radio interview:
[audioplayer file=”″ bg=”ff7f1a” leftbg=”ff7f1a” lefticon=”294781″ track=”ff1b2c” tracker=”ffff00″ text=”000000″ righticon=”294781″ width=”500″ rightbg=”408080″ volslider=”ffffff” skip=”ffffff” titles=”BBC Radio interview about GP Pressure Map with Nick Allott of Nquiringminds”]


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