Linking data across multiple organisations – Hampshire example

You may have seen Dan’s post about Hampshire’s Land Supply Phasing Open Data in which he mentions the Pilot Project for Linked Open Data.

Our land supply linked data features in this recent blog post by John Goodwin: Tell Me About Hampshire – Linking Government Data using SPARQL federation 2. In his post, John constructs and runs a SPARQL query across data produced by multiple organisations, including Open Data Communities (from the Department for Communities and Local Government), the Office for National Statistics, and Ordnance Survey.

Screenshot from Ordnance Survey’s SPARQL endpoint

In his query John asks

for all districts in Hampshire find me the index of multiple deprivation rank, the change order and operative date for that district, the website for the local authority of that district along with the addresses of parcels of land where it is planned to build new dwellings.

John explains the approach and also includes the full text of the SPARQL query which you can run yourself by copying and pasting the text in to Ordnance Survey’s SPARQL endpoint.

Having run the query, you can choose what format you’d like the data in. One of these is CSV, which can be opened by spreadsheet packages like Microsoft Excel and OpenOffice.

CSV – just one of the formats a SPARQL query can produce

By Mark Braggins

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