Drumalism – great new app from @SemanticTourist

Steve Peters aka @SemanticTourist describes himself on Twitter as an:

“Open Data enthusiast and LinkedData fan; armchair developer…”

In a great example of that armchair development – in his spare time over Christmas – he’s put together an excellent app which draws together hyperlocal media sites and feeds, Twitter &  Facebook for local authorities.

He has blogged about it at: http://openviz.wordpress.com/2012/01/07/opendata-needle-work-stitching-together-the-local-debate/

And the Drumalism app is at: http://dclgexamples.mywebcommunity.org/localities/drumalism.htm

Congratulations Steve – a fine piece of work

By Mark Braggins

Walking, usually with my two ex-racing greyhounds. Interested in lots of stuff. Work: Business Development and Research at Drawnalism