Hampshire Hub

Thoughts on what a Hampshire Hub might be:

  • a place where councils and agencies can share data (securely if appropriate)
  • a place to share information, tools, and techniques between partners
  • a place to ask a question
  • signposting to existing data sources (so, no duplicated content)
  • signposting to subject experts (“who can I ask about…”)
  • possibly a place where new public data for Hampshire gets published (JSNA refresh?)
  • a collaborative environment
  • open by default
    • wherever possible data would also be made available as Open Data using the Open Government Licence (OGL)
    • Published with an Application Programming Interface (open source?)

About Mark Braggins

I’m interested in lots of things, in no particular order: society, politics, public services, open data, technology (and what you can do with it), wildlife, photography, the countryside, and long distance walking.
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