I’ve worked with technology for many years, in various roles. I have a background delivering, managing and exploiting tech across a variety of sectors, including financial services, retail, software services and local government.

I’m an open data enthusiast. Back in my local government days, I founded the Hampshire Hub data store on behalf of 20+ organisations in-and-around Hampshire. I also founded Open Data Camp and co-organise BlueLightCamp (the unconference for emergency services).

I run “Open Data – Aha!”, which is gathering and sharing ‘stories’ involving open data, from across the world. I’ve also recently set-up a company AHA Digital Ltd which, as the name implies, doing digital and open data stuff, so you can hire me if you wish.

I’m interested in lots of things, in no particular order: society, politics, local public services, open data, technology (and what you can do with it), wildlife, photography (mostly photos of wildlife), the countryside, and long distance walking.

Most of my recent blogging efforts have been on other sites like:

Happy memory - me on the Milford Track

Happy memory – Winter on the Milford Track

All views are my own, unless they’ve been borrowed from others. I always intend to give credit where it’s due. Please let me know of you think I should have tipped my hat to you or someone else. You can also find me on the following networks and blogs: