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Drawnalism Part 2 – the start of a journey

In this post my relationship with Drawnalism moves from ‘having a nice chat’, to us actually working together. Continue reading

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If you open stuff up, good stuff happens

This is a slightly edited version of a post originally published on DATA.GOV.UK I rather like the phrase: “Engineering Serendipity” which – as I choose to interpret it – means something like ‘creating conditions which maximise the chances of good … Continue reading

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Drones – opportunity or threat?

Once the purview of the military and spies, ‘unmanned aerial vehicles’ (‘Drones’), are increasingly common. Just hot air? A few months ago the giant online retailer Amazon announced its intention to deliver packages within 30 minutes of customers placing an … Continue reading

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BlueLight Camp: Post of posts

This post was originally published on the BlueLightCamp web site. Planning for BlueLight Camp 2013 is well under way, and more information will be published about the event on the BlueLightCamp site shortly. In the meantime, I thought it worth highlighting some … Continue reading

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