Social Media in an Emergency: A Best Practice Guide

This best practice guide has been developed by the Wellington CDEM Group and is effective from the 1st July 2012. Contents include:

Social Media in an Emergency: A best practice guide
Social Media in an Emergency: A best practice guide
  • Important considerations before engaging in social media
  • Technology types
  • Trends in social media use
  • Further technological information
  • Policy and strategy considerations
  • Creating a strategy for the use of social media
  • Staffing for social media
  • Managing resourcing issues
  • Appropriate social media use for employees
  • Streamlining of information release and labelling of reliability
  • Key considerations for gathered information in an emergency event
  • Design of sites
  • Legal considerations

By Mark Braggins

I’m interested in lots of things, in no particular order: society, politics, public services, open data, technology (and what you can do with it), wildlife, photography, the countryside, and long distance walking.

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