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Drones – opportunity or threat?

NEW blc aerial

Once the purview of the military and spies, ‘unmanned aerial vehicles’ (‘Drones’), are increasingly common. Just hot air? A few months ago the giant online retailer Amazon announced its intention to deliver packages within 30 minutes of customers placing an

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Futurology at UKGC14?


UKGC14 I’m writing this just a few days before UKGovCamp 2014, which is on Saturday 25th January 2014. If you’re going and haven’t already read UKGovcamp14: be prepared, do take a look, as it’s the practical info for attendees (including ARRIVE EARLY…BRING COFFEE). Futurology I’ve

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Knowledge Hub: Good CoP or Bad CoP?

The LGA's Knowledge Hub. Closing Down?

Knowledge Hub This is a hastily written post about Knowledge Hub (KH), which replaced the popular Communities of Practice (CoP) site for people who work in and around UK local government. According to the Local Government Association (LGA), Knowledge Hub is

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Why on earth sponsor an Unconference?

Not everyone chooses to disclose their rank

No hard-sell I’ve never really thought about ‘why’ sponsors sponsor unconferences – I’m just glad they do. At each event I do the rounds of the stands, gratefully grabbing my share of the mugs, pens, t shirts, special offers and

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Blue Light Camp: Coming in from the cold

police sergeant william padwick

It’s been a bit quiet on the BlueLightCamp blog recently. Apart from Sasha’s post last week, nothing since November. But that doesn’t mean no activity – on the contrary. Hartley Wintney fire brigade members on board their fire engine in

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Getting the measure of social media

Small blue bird and measure

Must we measure? In November, Emer Coleman asked: Social media – Must we measure? In a fascinating post, Emer discusses how tricky it is to present the benefits of social media in traditional business cases. Emer argues that: Making a business case

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Doing more with digital


Uk GovCamp It’s just over a year since I attended THE annual event for people interested in public sector digital tech: UK GovCamp. I raved blogged about it here. According to organisers Steph Gray (Helpful Technology) and Dave Briggs (KindofDigital):

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Local social media usage: x months on

Snapshot of a Google Chart showing a comparison of the number of Facebook users within 25 miles of Winchester

I originally wrote this post in September 2012, and updated it at the end of November 2012 to take account of new stats. The charts will update when I enter new stats, but the commentary may not reflect that for a

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BlueLight Camp: Post of posts

Some of the words used during introductions at BlueLightCamp

Planning for BlueLight Camp 2013 is well under way, and more information will be published about the event on the BlueLightCamp site shortly. In the meantime, I thought it worth highlighting some of the articles written about the first BlueLight Camp, held

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A local GDS, for Local People

Are you local?

In case you aren’t familiar with it, GDS is the acronym for the Government Digital Service, which was set-up by the Cabinet Office to ‘transform’ government digital services. GDS is responsible for – amongst other things – the single government domain.

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