BlueLightCamp is an occasional two-day unconference, bringing together people who work in and around emergency services across the UK.

People who have attended BlueLightCamp in previous years include:

  • BlueLightCamphub (1)paramedics
  • police
  • fire & rescue
  • crisis management / emergency planners
  • hospitals and ambulance trusts
  • central government
  • mental health professionals
  • councillors and council staff
  • universities and researchers

The first day is all about networking – there’s no pre-defined agenda; attendees suggest topics they’d like to discuss, and sessions are arranged accordingly. Sessions can vary from large groups to just a few people, depending on the level of interest. Sessions often include the latest thinking on digital, innovation, social media, and open data in a blue light context.

The second day brings together people with ideas, service experts, and developers who work together to turn those ideas in to something more tangible.

There’s more information in this blog post on the BlueLightCamp web site:


Picture credit

Illustration by Matt Buck of Drawnalism