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My week guest-hosting #WeeklyBlogClub

Something new arrived in January 2012: Weekly Blog Club. It’s a club, for bloggers, who try to post something every week. Weekly Blog Club is aimed at – but isn’t  limited to – people who work in the public sector, charities,

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The Songs of Me (Part 2)

Last week I blogged Six Songs of Me which was my response to the Guardian’s Six Songs of Life project.  I had intended to have a go at answering Janet Davis’ set of questions, but ran out of time. Louise Brown has

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A Blue Light on the horizon

A month or so ago I blogged: Reflections on Events, in which I looked back at some of the events I’ve attended over the last couple of years. I suggested some ‘tweaks’ for organisers, and how physical attendees might help

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Six Songs of Me

I was planning to blog this week about next year’s BlueLightCamp, which is coming up in April 2013*. However, I looked at the Weekly Blog Club timeline and got distracted by blog posts by Kate Bentham, Janet Davis and Louise

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